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A Postpartum Preparation Workshop

If you want to take care of the future generations,

begin by taking care of the mothers. 

– Rachelle Garcia Seliga


For expectant families, there are so many resources out there to teach you how to be pregnant, how to give birth, and how to care for your baby – all important stuff to know! This live workshop offers something very different: we help prepare birthing parents emotionally and mentally for the postpartum period, so they can feel nurtured and supported after their babies are born.  


We explore:

  • the basics of postpartum health

  • creating a postpartum support plan

  • building a mental health “first aid kit”

  • caring for body, mind, and heart in the postpartum time


There will also be an opportunity to connect with other parents and build up a supportive community.

All pregnant people are welcome. Partners are encouraged to attend but not required.  

Registration is open!

Saturday, March 11, 2023  |  12 pm – 2pm
Midwife Group & Birth Center*: 1692 Chatham Pkway, Savannah

Cost: $50

* You do not have to be a Birth Center patient to attend.

Our group will only be held if at least 3 participants are registered. Refunds will be provided in case of low enrollment.

Upcoming workshop dates: June 10, 2023

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